Why We Need a Large Organizer Base

With a touch of a button, leadership can send out their anti-union messages and reach our entire workgroup of over 2,800 flight attendants as often as they like, whenever they like. We all know this, because that’s what happened last time around.

If they feel our campaign is becoming a bigger threat to them, we can expect them to mail literature to every flight attendant’s home.

We can expect to see anti-union messages on the monitors in the crew lounge, and in our v-files. Don’t be surprised if they even insert a pop-up message when we start the cashless cabin device! The company will use all the resources available to them to make sure their anti-union stance is always fresh in the minds of our colleagues. Our only resource is each other, and that’s why it’s imperative that more of us get involved.

The messages from the company will be well crafted and expertly timed to provide a steady stream of misinformation, such as telling our work group that they don’t need a union, that the company “isn’t perfect” and is still working on things, and that we should not sign any authorization cards.

The company had their plan in place to prevent work groups from unionizing even before the first flight took off. This is a documented fact. Our work group is diverse and purposely hired to be that way to prevent any unionization efforts. New-hire classes hear “anti-union talks” – sometimes even on the first day of class!

What is our plan to reach 2,800+ flight attendants? How will we do it quickly and effectively?

Your colleagues from last year’s organizing effort will tell you that the TWU won’t happen at JetBlue with the current amount of organizers. We need a better plan, and that plan involves more flight attendants getting involved in forming our union. Understand that this is a peer driven effort, not a TWU driven effort the company would like you to believe. It’s not the TWU’s job to organize us, it’s our job.

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