Understanding and Trusting the Railway Labor Act of 1926

Understanding and Trusting the Railway Labor Act of 1926

It’s so important to understand that as a flight attendant you have special rights. Rights JetBlue doesn’t want you to know about. The Railway Labor Act of 1926, amended in 1936 to include airlines, gives workers the right to organize and form a union without fear of retaliation by their employer. It was the first major piece of labor legislation passed by Congress. JetBlue flight attendants are protected under the Railway Labor Act!

If you are a JetBlue flight attendant and are afraid, scared, or uncertain about discussing or promoting a union you must immediately drop that mind set and understand that you are protected under law. How many of your coworkers are “working in fear” because they are afraid the company is going to “target” them for being a union supporter? JetBlue would face serious legal consequences if they do!

What does it tell you about a company who instills fear in their employees to the point they are afraid to discuss their own rights? That should be even more a reason to organize.

  • JetBlue flight attendants are protected.
  • You can discuss unions at work, just like you discuss anything else.
  • You can wear a union pin.
  • You are allowed to organize.
  • You can put a union bag tag on your luggage.

You may not belong to a union yet but your desire to be part of one is protected under United States law. For over 75 years flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, reservation agents, ramp agents, customer service agents and many other work groups in the aviation industry all have exercised their right to organize under the Railway Labor Act and you can too!

JetBlue cannot bring any action against you for either speaking up or showing your support for a union. It’s so important that if you understand and believe this. Your fellow flight attendants would never lie to you or put your employment in jeopardy. That’s why we created this website, to get the truth to you and help you understand it.

As long as you come to work and perform your duties as required JetBlue cannot bring any disciplinary action against you for having a desire to join a union. So let your desire be known!

Now more than ever it is so important that you give your vocal and visual support. You must spread this knowledge to every flight attendant so they too can shed any fear they may have.

You can sing and dance about a union (just not in ear shot of customers) and should do so that other flight attendants can see! Print the charts off this website and start spreading the truth. You are protected by law to do so.

We’ve searched the web to find the best information on the Railway Labor Act. If you want more insight you’ll find links on the left side bar of this website.

Doesn’t it feel good to know you have rights? Doesn’t it feel good to know you can speak up, take a stand and make a change? It should! Now go break the silence some of your fellow flight attendants are working under!

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