Organizer aka Information Representative

Be an TWU OrganizerAn organizer, also known as an information representative, is a flight attendant who has basic, factual knowledge about our campaign. Organizers help deliver this information to the 2,800 flight attendants at JetBlue.

Organizers are passionate about the company and their jobs, and look forward to establishing a professional union comprised of JetBlue flight attendants whom we will elect.

Organizers will be knowledgeable about the following issues:

  • The different flight attendants’ unions.
  • Which union we are seeking as our agent (TWU).
  • The track record of the TWU at Southwest and its progress at Allegiant Air.
  • The State of Our Workgroup and how we compare to the other major airlines.
  • What our union would look like and how our work group would benefit from the collective bargaining process.

Organizers simply deliver information and comparisons and keep authorization cards available for co-workers to sign. Organizers do not argue with fellow co-workers or “push” information on them; they simply provide the information in a friendly manner. They provide information in printed or verbal form. Each organizer can develop his or her own strategy about how to deliver the information. Organizers will help our campaign reach all 2,800 flight attendants with information so that all of our co-workers can make a final decision based on the facts, and not company rhetoric. Organizers respect each co-worker’s final decision.

Organizers are protected under federal law, and JetBlue would face serious legal consequences if it tried to harass, threaten or intimidate organizers before, during or after our campaign. As long as flight attendants perform their duties as required by the company, they should have no fear in becoming organizers for our campaign.

A strong organizer base is the key to building a quick, successful campaign. This is the only way we can reach such a large work group. Many flight attendants do not know which union we are involved with, what unionizing truly means, or even where we fall in industry comparisons. Organizers help get everyone on the same page, which will lead to our victory.

Now that you know more about being an organizer, we hope you will take the important step to become one and join us in this campaign. You will be fully supported by the TWU and your fellow organizers.

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