JetBlue still upbeat, but not darling it once was

Interesting article from Reuters: JetBlue still upbeat, but not darling it once was.

One of our own pilots discusses the fear of the company being bought or merged…JetBlue’s Captain David Scott said pilots feel more secure after negotiating a new deal with management last November that built new safeguards into every pilot’s contract with management.

“The biggest fear of a pilot is to be furloughed or let go,” Scott said. “We’re scared of a sale.” One of the new provisions gives JetBlue pilots a voice in managing the seniority lists if the company is bought or merged. “It was a big deal,” he said.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the JetBlue flight attendants had a voice? Guess what? We don’t, and never will unless we have a union. Why? Because committees make recommendations while unions bargain with the strength of the law. Unions bring expertise and the resources of their entire union to the table, not just the knowledge of a few crewmembers that meet a few times a month. Committees are for high school. Unions are for professionals.

Further into the article an industry analyst states that “passengers and crew members are acting as if they’re under a lot of stress.” Could that be from long hours and a below-average wage? Could it be that flight attendants are a little bit more stressed out these days from having to fly more than usual to make a decent wage? As the industry continues to “squeeze” more out of their front line employees we expect can to see more negative results. At JetBlue, we fly more than what’s been considered and has been an industry norm for decades. The flight attendants don’t expect to get rich at JetBlue, but we would like to be compensated as true safety, security and service professionals. They learned how to do it at a few other airlines, so it can’t be that difficult – unless, of course, it’s not part of your business plan. Yes, the flight attendants are part of a culture here and it’s called the cost culture.

The article also mentioned that some flight attendants are even offering massages. Whoever is doing that should stop, as it’s not in your job description, and you could open yourself up to serious liability if those massages doesn’t go as planned!

It also covered how our founder, David Neeleman, was pushed out due to the February 2007 incident. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to have some other leaders vacate after a similar incident happened this past October 2011? Especially after management made it clear that they would “learn” from the first mishap?

Let’s see what JetBlue’s COO has to say about that latest incident:

Wow. He expects better from us? We’re left to guess what to expect better from our leadership.

We hope our major investors and flight attendants who own company stock will vote accordingly during the upcoming proxy vote to be held on May 10, 2012.

The first item is to elect 11 directors nominated by the Board of Directors to serve until the 2013 annual meeting of stockholders. You’ve already heard what Mr. Maruster has to say. Please do check the quotes we’ve added from Ms. Ann Rhoades, as she is up for re-election, too.

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