Enjoying Your Layover?

Layover in the middle of nowhereWithout a professional union in place Management has total control over the hotel budget. Money that should be used to ensure quality of life while at work is instead wiped out to appease investors. Our hotel committee can only make recommendations and provide feedback—they have no collective bargaining power.

The same thing goes for scheduling. Our scheduling committee can only provide feedback. Management has total control over what productivity will look like. We end up with trips with extremely long duty days and short layovers or long layovers in undesirable locations. This is what we can continue to look forward to without a union.

With a professional union in place we would have more control over hotels and scheduling because we would collectively bargain over these matters rather than just “hope for the best”. Only through collectively bargaining will we have a real say over the important matters that affect us.

Please help us establish our professional union by completing an authorization card and sending it in. Remember, we’re trying to organize over 3,000 flight attendants! You can assist our movement by helping us collect authorization cards. Without enough cards we won’t be able to have an election.

It’s time for us to take control over our careers. Print two of these out—one for you and one for a friend, complete them and mail them in. Once we have enough authorization cards we will file for an election with the federal government.

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