1.E.1 Employment-at-Will

The guidelines presented in the Blue Book are not intended and will in no way be considered to be a contract of employment between JetBlue and any Crewmember. With the exception of particular Crewmembers who have executed specific employment agreements with JetBlue, no Crewmember of JetBlue has a contract of employment. JetBlue does not enter into ―oral agreements” or ―understandings” with any Crewmember regarding job tenure and reserves the right to accept a resignation or to terminate the employment relationship at any time within the Company’s discretion based on the situation at hand. Further, JetBlue specifically reserves the right to immediately terminate a Crewmember in the event of a serious or direct violation of Company guidelines in accordance with terms or conditions of an employment agreement. JetBlue management has the sole prerogative and discretion to determine the seriousness of violations. -Crewmember Blue Book

Employment-at-will means you can be fired when you think you are doing the right thing but it ends up being the wrong thing. You can be fired for something that you think is reasonable but the company decides is unreasonable.

You can be fired for specific comments made to a customer.

You can be fired for photos of you in your uniform.

Who will advocate for you if you are involved in a situation?

Who is going to be by your side if you are called into the office?

Who is going to pay for your legal representation when you have to fight to get your job back because you were terminated unlawfully?

Now let’s have a look at which flight attendant work groups have an advocate by their side along with legal protections and which ones don’t:

employment contracts

Remember, having a contract doesn’t protect bad employees. It just ensures that all employees are treated fairly, especially when their employment is in jeopardy. Why wouldn’t you want the protection of a contract and support of a union? Sign up to be a union organizer and help change the employment-at-will status for every flight attendant at JetBlue.

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