Domestic Duty Time

Domestic Duty Time

  • JetBlue is the only airline in our comparison that has verbiage stating that “actual duty day may be extended indefinitely due to circumstances beyond JetBlue’s control.”
  • JetBlue is the only airline in our comparison where flight attendants are required to remain on duty up to 18 hours.
  • Additionally, JetBlue does not put any additional compensation in place for its flight attendants who may experience an extended duty day and remain online to support the operation beyond the scheduled 14-hour max. However, there is a RIG in place that will pay one hour of flight pay for every two hours on duty. This means after an 18-hour duty day, the flight attendant shall receive 9 hours’ pay.

Multiple airlines from our comparison have additional compensation measures in place when their flight attendants experience an extended duty day and remain on duty to support their operation. These vary from time and a half, double time, triple time or additional hours being added to the value of the trip.

When the work day doesn’t go as planned a JetBlue flight attendant has the weakest protections and compensation in place. We believe, and we hope you’ll agree with us that this information confirms that JetBlue flight attendants are utilized inexpensively and are extremely flexible to the benefit of the company. The true costs coming out of our own time and pockets. There is always a better way, this certainly is not one of them.

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