Get Cards!

get-cardsThe only way for Inflight Crewmembers’ to have an election is to GET CARDS!

If the Pilots can make it happen then so can we!

Without enough cards we will not be able to file for an election.

We must get cards!

Any Inflight Crewmember who wishes to have an election should mail in an authorization card for 2014. If a card was mailed in the past a new one should be mailed in as soon as possible. Authorization cards are only valid for one year.

All Inflight Crewmembers that want to have an election must help GET CARDS!

TWU Authorization Cards

Getting cards is the only way to have an election.

-The cards are confidential! Management will not see them. The cards are kept by TWU until enough are received and then they are filed with the NMB for confirmation.

-You can print cards from home either from or

-It is your legal right to sign a card and to help us get cards!

-We can get this done rather quickly if you help us get cards.

What’s the plan? Get cards!

What should you do? Get cards!

What’s going on? We’re getting cards!

Get cards now! We need cards to have an election. Please help us get cards by filling out the secure form below. A fellow Inflight Crewmember will contact you to arrange deliver of the cards, provide helpful information and answer any questions you may have.

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